the dinner in white..

“A flashmob picnic, with everyone dressed in white”?  I was not sure I understood the concept at first, but upon watching the Diner en Blanc events in Paris, New York & Montreal, it looked like a great event.

When my friend Suresh from Spotlight Toronto suggested I shoot this event coming to Toronto, I was not even sure I could make it. It shared the same date as my wife’s birthday. But my wife said I should shoot this unique event and we re-booked dinner the night before (a fantastic first time dinner at Canoe, btw).

With the text message revealing the secret location (Historic Distillery District), a group of diners descended on the street corner awaiting instructions.  The video should hopefully tell the rest.

It was a great event, with a generous and fun crowd who was definitely into their food, drink and merriment.  Shoutouts to my friend Gabe Chang, who graciously accepted to help me out in case of the rain with being my “umbrella technician”, but ended up shooting along side me in capturing the night’s festivities.  We were offered food all night and had to eventually succumb to the hospitality from complete strangers.



For more technical details, check out my vimeo page of the event:

Check out the main YouTube link:


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