Street Food Block Party – Timelapse

May 5, 2012 – #SFBP – The Street Food Block Party, a joint event by the Toronto Underground Market (TUM, ) and Food Truck Eats (FTE). Over 3000 tickets were sold in a matter of hours and was held at the Evergreen Brick Works.

I made my own rail system w/ linear bearings and hardware and connected it to the Dynamic Perception MX2 Dolly engine and motor.

Mounted here is a Manfrotto 029 pan & tilt head with the D200+battery grip:

The rails are 3/4″ cold-rolled steel and come in lengths of up to 12′ (I cut in 2 for 6′ pairs)

The rails were mounted to light stands which are not that steady. Also, I need to machine bigger end blocks so that I can tension the block to the light stand head with a fastener (it’s currently too thin).

One key to this whole thing: run everything on manual – manual exposure, fixed white balance. It will reduce the flicker (which happens during the first part of the clip). There is a lot of tips I’ll need to apply that I learned from:

I’m currently working on a turning/2nd axis for this rig. I was playing around with the settings as I didn’t get a chance to really test it out before the event. Generally made exposures every 2-5 seconds. Ended up with ~6300 raw files from my Nikon D200. Need to get an exterior battery pack to get more life out of the rig (even with 2 en-el3e batteries in the battery grip, it last only a few hours)

Dynamic Perception:

For more details on TUM+FTE:
Ontario Food Trucks
Toronto Underground Market

Music: “Il Nascondiglio” by Digi G’Alessio (

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